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Last updated (January 9, 2018)

​Please contact NPRS to find out whether they will offer a SPRING program. 

Bambini Soccer is now run by New Paltz Recreation Soccer  and was named  FUTURE STARS.

It is a program for very young children. (4 years old is perfect, but 3  works too:-) 
Body co-ordination exercises, ball work, games. All you need is sneakers/sports shoes and shin guards (with socks). If you want to buy your child a ball, buy only a #3 size.

Please dress your child in layers, so the kids can take things off and make sure that pants or shorts do not restrict running.

Registration is open when the main page button says so and is GREEN. Click on link on registration page . 

General information:

(We will play in LIGHT rain)  Rainouts will be posted on the Rec Soccer main front page by 7:15 a.m. using forecasts for New Paltz. 

The ages are only guide lines and you can go back and forth until it fits for your child's "developmental "age
FITS means sufficiently challenging and not too easy!

If you are new to this program PLEASE read all the info below. (Yes, I know a lot of work for today's attention deficit (ADD) generation, but it answers all of what was asked over many years.) And yes, we still get e-mails anyway:-(

Program summary for the impatient who won't read all the way down

Yes, the program is for every child regardless of where you live!

Yes, you can just come and try it out for FREE to see if your child likes it.

No need to e-mail, call or make arrangements.  Just show up!  !!!   This will be discussed with recreation soccer

Please buy a # 3 ball (bigger is not better in this case!) and shin guards covered by socks or shin guard/sock combo, sneakers or soccer cleats (cheap and not really needed). NO boots, , regular shoes, sandals etc. MUST BE sport shoes!

8 - 10 weeks (depends on weather and season) 

What to expect? Anything, we are dealing with kids!

Holidays, Rain or Shine, Snow , Earthquakes etc.etc.

If something is not posted on the recreation front page, the sessions will be held as usual.
No need to double check or ask.

End of summary section

Below will be revised (but still holds true) as soon as Bambini Soccer and NP Rec Soccer have ironed out the details.
If you find anything wrong with what I posted (you must be a woman:-) please e-mail and I'll correct it asap!

If you know everything (you must be a man:-), just click on the registration link:
But.... read!!!! if you register for the FIRST TIME ? click on the link that says "
Create a new account " (a one time thing) and make sure to select "Check Out" at the end.

We can only process Visa and Mastercard. Any other form of payment must be money order mailed to the address on a pdf form I'll send you. (Request via e-mail please)

Everything you need to know is mentioned on this page.  Please read all the way down, instead of asking me via e-mail what is mentioned here already.

If it isn't mentioned I do not know (yet) or it is not needed. I promise, even if you just show up, we'll work from there.

As a one man show I appreciate if you figure things out without e-mailing me.
I am very flexible, as long as kids want to play, we are good:-)

That includes missing the first session or even registering on the very last day!

Yes, just showing up is also okay and we'll work from there. (I know mentioned a few times already)

No need to have any ANGST that it is not a perfect experience for your child.

Great teaching moment that life is rarely perfect!

Every Fall  Bambini 4 year old players and 6 year old players move up one age group.

Older kids who will be in 1st/2nd grade come Fall  go to Town Soccer.

All of their info then moves to the town soccer page of this site!

If you think your child is underchallenged in Bambini, switch to the other grades until it fits.
If you have a child in town soccer and they are in over their head come back to Bambini or even do both.

All until it fits, but first choice is always that kids should be with their same age peers and friends.

As we never know how many players will register for a certain age group, 
we will split out into the various session ages once we know.

FAQ's and info, please read on:

Lots of info for newbies. If you have done this before , just scroll down and click on the registration link.

Please put your child into the "development stage" session they fit into. There are always some kids very advanced for their age and some that like things at a normal or slower pace.

Please do not put older siblings into sessions with younger ones or younger ones into sessions for older ones for your convenience. The older kids will get bored and not learn anything related to their true age. The younger ones will have to struggle too hard.

It may be convenient for you to only stay for one hour, but the children suffer.
Convenience ended when that second child was born.

For the most part we want them ALL to be with their friends of the right ages, make new friends and have FUN.

If you are not sure if your child will even do it come and try out ANY session for FREE
(Yes, free shipping and parking also) and then decide. ANY means ANYTIME even if it's the last day of the season.
(Don't be fooled though , one week is good and the next is a disaster:-)

Register after you find out whether your child likes it.

Thank you all for letting your children play the world's most popular sport:-)

Please buy your child a # 3 ball (BRING it and DON"T FORGET to BRING it and TAKE it home:-)) 
(I will have extra balls for the forgetful)

Bigger is not better MUST be a # 3 ball!

Buy shin guards. While they do not need them for age 3 - 4 we have to get them used to wearing them. At that age we recommend shin guards integrated with socks.

Shoes: Any athletic shoe like sneaker, soccer cleats will do, just no football cleats or rubber boots, street shoes etc.. Football cleats are sharp and have a toe cleat and are dangerous.

Think cheap!!

BRING WATER for the child! No sweet drinks! (Memo to self: Take BACK bottle after session)

Have your child wear sports clothing, i.e. easy to move in with no restrictions. A rubber coat or jeans aren't sports clothing.

Hey Moms!
Teach the fathers who take over Saturdays (We can only hope:-) that just because a child can somewhat dress already, it is still cold in the morning.
Even adult males may get the concept of dressing the children in layers when explained carefully!

Schedule a regularly set up text message or phone announcement to BRING BACK ALL clothes and ball etc.

Yes, children should be taught responsibility, but it is doubtful that 3 year olds keep track of their stuff when the world has so many distractions to offer.

Hey Dad's
Ask your wife about the clothing procedure. Shivering kids in just shorts and a short sleeved T-Shirt with blue lips may not understand the school of hard knocks concept yet. 
"He wanted to wear that!" is also not helping the kids stay warm.

It's easy to get into competitive mode with your child. We know you can beat him or her. 
We believe you (really), so no need to show it or tease your child.

Make it a FUN event for your child, let her/him beat you, outrace you and challenge them to do their best in a positive way.

Don't tell them to pay attention (They can't) If it's interesting (I'll try my best) they will pay attention.

Trick them into wanting to do the next thing by saying: I want to  do this, come on and "help" me.
Show me how to do it! Little kids like to help and be teachers!

Don't force anything. Some kids need to "warm" up to a situation and may just sit and watch to check what is going on.

Fees: $ 60 includes T-Shirt and insurance. Refunds pro-rated and minus registration provider's processing fee.

If you have an e-mail address that requires logging in for acceptance (like earthlink) to receive our bulk e-mails, please put "bambinisoccerfun ATSIGN gmail"and  into your accepted e-mail set up 
(Not showing the @ sign in my address due to site e-mail fishing bots)

We do not have the resources to monitor/complete/sign in for individual e-mail address requirements. 

Please refresh your browser when visiting this website or you may get old info.

I use weather. com's hourly forecast to make the decision about cancellations (and it will be wrong:-).

Just a damp ground from after rain or light rain and when it's not unpleasant (Cold, windy), we'll play.

Money orders should be mailed to:

Bambini Soccer
P.O.Box 2250
Newburgh NY 12550-0605 (Yes, Newburgh. Don't overthink this:-)

Most common registration stomper is entering the birth date in the correct requested format.
Month / day/ year (lst 2 digits will do it!

For example, that would mean: 5/18/00. You must enter the numbers as well as the slashes!

Again! Make money order payable to NEW PALTZ SOCCER Inc.

We can take credit cards over the phone now. (Not preferred though)

About the program:
Whatever is not posted I do not know (yet)

ALWAYS read all the way down, please for general questions. The new stuff is on the top:-)

Check the website in the morning before you go. I try to post as early as possible if there is a cancellation!

Rain outs will be posted 1 hour before the session time and based on

Whatever I do because of weather will be wrong:-) 

Please do not let your child play, if s/he has a cold. Breathing is hard and
coughing on other kids or running around with snot noses does not please Ms. Manners:-)

The program is open (as are all New Paltz Soccer programs) to anybody who wants to play, not just residents.
We have unlimited space and you can join anytime. If there are ever too many kids (Can't imagine) we'll break into additional groups.

If you are not sure whether your child is ready to do this, just come, watch, play along and register later.
No sense frustrating them. They are ready when they are , not when you want them to be. 
(Of course you know that already)