2018 SPRING  Registration for 3 - 4 and 5 - 8 year olds

​depends on whether NPRS will offer a FUTURE STARS program.

Please read the program page BEFORE you register!

Select : UNASSIGNED for team (There are no teams)

Select : PRE-K for age

You are not registered until you select

"Check OUT" and get a receipt,


Summary for the ADD crowd or who didn't read the program page info:​ 

1) Show up with child, dressed to play  

    sports, (cleats not necessary, sneakers ok)

2) Shinguards covered by socks

3) Bring # 3 ball, bigger is NOT BETTER

   (Write phone number on ball and child)

4) Bring water or sports drink for breaks

5) Tell Dads to not forget child, ball and  

    clothes after session.​ Order optional

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